Obviously we offer the possibility to acquire the participants for your survey. This is especially relevant when you want to interrogate people which have not gotten in touch with your company yet. If, however, you want to conduct a study among regular customers, employees or suppliers, you can save resources via acquiring the participants yourself.

If needed, we can acquire participants "offline", on events, pedestrian areas or other surroundings. One of our employees would then conduct the interview and transfer the data to our servers.

We also can find online participants in respective forums or social media. Most relevant demographic or sociographic target groups can be found online and are therefore potentially available for your survey.

Both approaches lend themselves to be supported with incentives, like prize drawings or vouchers. Depending on the amount of participants and the structure of the survey, these costs may vary significantly. 

If you want to use this service, we encourage you to include this information in your inquiry with the most important parameters, so we can make a legitimate cost estimation.


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