Our EAGLE market research software is ideally suited for online surveys of all kinds, like:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Product Feedback
  • Employee Attitute Survey
  • Market Segmentation Data
  • Campaign Effectiveness
  • Brand Awareness
  • Image Perception
  • ...


Privacy and confidentiality issues restrict us from showing off a complete reference/example list. However, if customers agree, we proudly present past examples of our work.



  • Example-Study 1 (GERMAN)
    This study is intended to show the most basic features, as well as certain formatting and customizing possibilities. Within several minutes you will be familiar with the EAGLE survey software.

  • Postbank-Award Survey (GERMAN) 
    This study was conducted in early 2013 by the Department for Banking & Finance of the University Innsbruck. Its results supported and influenced a theoretical work which tries to help banks avoid the current customer trust issue in the future. 

  • Freedive Dahab Customer Feedback (ENGLISH) 
    This survey was created at the request of an Egyptian Freediving Center. It is intended to replace the paper-and-pen survey form and provide additional and more frequent insights into how existing customers view the company.