General Business Terms


These terms are foundation for all purchases of services and products from Patrick Feihle MSc Market Research. The version which will be relevant for the transaction is the version online in this place at the time of contract completion.


The customer acquires the indirect access to an online-based market research software. Depending on contract terms, certain amount of respondents, surveys, elements and services are included. Certain functions might not be available at all times. The purchase entitles the customer to mandate the conception, creation, implementation and analysis of online-based market research instruments through employees of Patrick Feihle MSc Market Research.

Depending on the desired market research project, this time can vary and will be specified in the contract. The contract is formally closed when the first payment is received. Any preliminary services are free of charge if the customer does not start the contract period with a payment.

A study is a collection of elements which can be taken over a certain period of time, while not being subject to significant changes.

A participant is counted everytime the first relevant element of a survey is accessed. Usually, we offer unlimited number of participants, within technical limits.

There is no guarantee regarding the quality of our services, neither there is an entitlement to a certain availability of our services. They will be offered within the obvious restraints of our man hour limits.


The software is constantly being developed. For those and other technical reasons, it is possible that certain functions might not be available to you, your market research target group and other stakeholders. We guarantee to provide a sufficient market research environment and offer full refund for availability problems that do lie in our sphere of responsibility. For all problems which can not be controlled by us or our affiliates, we do not offer refunds.


All results and partial results of market research studies are mere foundations for economical activities. Patrick Feihle MSc Market Research is not liable for any reductions in sales, profits and image or other problems caused by our interpretation or presentation of results or the market research process overall. All information given by service staff are to be used in the same way: never as a legally binding advice. Furthermore, we do not offer responsibility for damages and other problems caused by our products in your or your stakeholder's hardware and software. At last, we can not eliminate the possibility that a third party acquires confidential data via malicious attacks or causes problems of any kind for you or your stakeholders while using our products illegally as vehicles for such attacks. We work our best to minimize the risk (via encryption standards) and will cooperate fully in order to diminish eventual damages.


All products, services, created surveys and reports are intellectual properties of Patrick Feihle MSc Market Research. The customer is entitled to use them in the desired way unless otherwise stated.


We publish names, logos and a rough outline of the joint project on our webpage if the customer does not explicitly tell us not to.


Customers can pay via two methods:

  1. Bank Transfer: (AN: 20011-549-897, BC: 14200, IBAN: AT231420020011549897, BIC: EASYATW1)
  2. PayPal (including credit card payments without paypal-account)

All special offers are only valid as long as they are presented on No input tax reduction according the Austrian small entreprise regulation.


The (partial) delivery will be ongoing. Unless otherwise noted, all products and services will be online-based and the delivery is made when the respective object is accessible online by the public or sent to you via email or other online data transfer method. 


These areas are subject to Austrian laws. Within a week, the customer can cancel the contract without providing any rationale. All received payments will be refunded without fees. Afterwards there is no entitlement for partial or complete refunds. Only in cases of severe problems with the quality, availability or quantity of our products and services which are completely caused by errors in the domain of Patrick Feihle MSc Market Research, we offer refunds aliquot to the caused damages. We shall never be held liable for any problems which can not be controlled by us and/or could not be foreseen by a responsible entrepreneur.


We explicitly forbid any of the following practices and reserve the right to use all legal instruments to protect our rights in case of intentional attacks on our actual and intellectual property and economical success:

  1. Systematic avoiding of access controls
  2. Intentional attack on the online environment of Patrick Feihle MSc Market Research
  3. Repeated unintentional attacks
  4. Presentation of illegal content of any kind
  5. All actions, intentional or unintentional, that can deteriorate, prevent or undermine the economical success, outside perception and overall company achievements 

We would like to reiterate that we will use all legal instruments at our disposal to protect our rights.


6020 Innsbruck, AUSTRIA